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Catalogue feature
Jupiter Analogs
Thomas Wagensommerer, Louise Linsenbolz
Austria - 2014
Running time: 11:57
Genre: Video Art, Art/Installation
su zhong
China - 2014
Running time: 5:22
Genre: Video Art
The Slain
Gavin Scott Whitfield
United Kingdom - 2014
Running time: 15:00
Genre: Drama
Mother's Heart
Diego Barrios
United Kingdom, Brazil - 2014
Running time: 12:25
Genre: Drama

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● Anilogue 2015

● Friss Hs Budapest 4.0 International Shortfilm Festival

● 35th Filmschoolfest Munich - Hofbru Trophy

● The 21st ifva Awards 2015/2016

● 3rd Chennai International Short Film Festival 2016






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