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digital film distribution

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Interfilm is publishing films on our platform. Please click the link on the righthand side in order to see their film list.

Rightsowners, Producers, Sellers

You own the rights of a movie, and you would like to sell them?

Enhance the distribution possibilities of your movies! Through our service, you can present your movie (including credits, trailer, preview & licence details) to potential buyers. If your film meets interest, you can either send a conventional copy (35 mm) to the buyer, or you can provide reelport with a digital film file. We will ensure the protected transmission of your film. With reelport, you save handling and shipping costs and reach a large number of potential buyers!


This is reelport Film Distribution

Reelport offers distributors and producers the publication of their film in an online catalogue in which the buyer can have a DRM-protected preview of the film. Moreover, we encode the digital film file according to the requirements of the buyer, and deliver it. Our service includes:


- Hosting of the preview and the master file (i.e. the digital film file that is suitable for further utilisation)

- Streaming of the film or its trailer in the online catalogue in DVD quality

- Transcoding of the masterfiles according to the respective form of utilisation

- Encryption of the film file with DRM-software

- Transfer of the master file to the buyer

- Rights clearance


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