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About us

Reelport Festival Services

Online Film Submissions and Online Screenings for filmmakers, film festivals and film markets.



With reelport festival services you can manage your film submissions and save time and money. Our mission: No more mailing of DVDs and no more shipping of analogue screening copies.


Online Film Submissions

Go to and check the call for entries of more than 80 film festivals. Enter all data online, then upload the film file and the attachments. Now you can submit your film with one click.

Digital Cinema Print

If your film was selected you can upload the film file for the cinema screening.

Online Film Screening

Allow film professionals to watch your film online through the festivalís website or in their digital video library.




Reelport festival services connects your event to filmmakers, promotes your call for entries and allows you to watch all film submissions offline and online.


Online Pre-selection

Open your call for entries on Europeís largest submission platform

Manage all film submissions online Ė data, attachments and film files.

Digital Cinema Screenings

Download your selected films for the cinema screenings.

Online Festival Screenings

Screen the selected films within your festivalís website or use the reelport Online Video Library as a showcase for your festival. The Video Library can be also used on-site during the festival.


We create solutions that fit your needs!



For festival inquiries please contact Eman at eman.shihab (at)!



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