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Details - Yom Nifla

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International Title: A Wonderful Day
Director: Ariel Weisbrod, Yossi Meiri
Running time: 24:20
Country of production: Israel
Year of production: 2011
Production: Yossi Meiri
Distribution: Yossi Meiri

Original title: Yom Nifla
International Title: A Wonderful Day
Country of production: Israel
Type: Shortfilm
Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy
Subject matter: Family, Love
Colour: Color


Before moving to Germany, Shachar plans to propose marriage to his girlfriend, hoping that she will accompany him. His grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, will stop at nothing to prevent him from going to Germany. The conflict between the grandmother and her grandson becomes inevitable. "A Wonderful Day" is a cinematic exploration into two different worlds, where two generations unleash their difficulties and judgments with the backdrop of post-World War II.

Director Ariel Weisbrod , Yossi Meiri
Producer Yossi Meiri
Distribution Yossi Meiri
Script Ariel Weisbrod , Joseph Fackenheim
Director of Photography Ohad Ezra , Yossi Meiri
Music Composer Alon Kaplan


Wiesbaden Exground Wiesbaden (Germany) 2011-11
Hamburg Independent Film Festival Hamburg (Germany) 2011-11
Warsaw Jewish Film Festival Warsaw (Poland) 2011-11 Best Short
Mumbai 3rd eye Film Festival Mumbai (India) 2011-12
Detroit Jewish Film Festival Detroit (United States) 2012-02
Independent Days Karlsruhe (Germany) 2012-05
Cape Winelands Film Festival Capetown (South Africa) 2012-03
Memphis "on location" Intl. Film Festival Memphis (United States) 2012-04
Ankara International Film Festival Ankara (Turkey) 2012-03
Jaipur International Film Festival Jaipur (India) 2012-01 Best Script
Dallas Jewish Film Festival Dallas (United States) 2012-09
European Independent Film Festival Paris (France) 2012-03
Festival international de court-métrage étudiant Cergy-Pontoise (France) 2012-04
Palm Beach International Film Festival Palm Beach (United States) 2012-04
Sarasota Film Festival Sarasota (United States) 2012-04
Houston Worldfest Film Festival Houston (United States) 2012-05
Bucharest Jewish Film Festival Bucharest (Romania) 2012-06
Sonoma International Film Festival Sonoma (United States) 2012-04
Lancaster Area Film Festival Lititz, PA (United States) 2012-06
West Virginia Short Film Festival Morgantown, WV (United States) 2012-04
Lanterna Film Festival Mexico City (Mexico) 2012-04


TV Israel 2012-02
TV Israel 2012-04