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Details - Of Wanderlust

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International Title: Of Wanderlust
Director: Frederic Colier
Running time: 16:55
Country of production: United States
Year of production: 2004
Production: Altered Ego Entertainment, Frederic Colier, Digital Film Academy
Distribution: Altered Ego Entertainment

Original title: Of Wanderlust
International Title: Of Wanderlust
Country of production: United States
Type: Shortfilm
Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama
Colour: Color


While hugging his dead daughter’s teddy bear, Griz spots his estranged wife, Regan, chatting with a young man, Alex, outside their front door. Later, he confronts her to find out who the young man was. Annoyed, Regan responds that it was the killer of their daughter. Overwhelmed by her response, Griz suggests that she takes her medication again. She remains indifferent to his plea. Yet, while waiting for the bus, Griz notices Regan getting ready to go out. Convinced that she is going to meet the young man, he sneaks back into the house. Regan is on the phone talking to him, Alex. Despondent, Griz follows her. Regan and Alex kisses in the woods, unaware that a black man, Jake, is filming them. Unaware, Griz also peers at them, tears streaming down his face. Alex makes his advances and Regan grows frantic and runs out of the car. Frustrated, Alex jokes crudely about Regan’s daughter. Griz snaps. He whacks Alex with a stone and buries his body. Alarmed, Jake runs away. Back home, Griz cleans himself. Meanwhile, Jake brings the tape to Regan. Regan implores him to remain quiet and not to worry. He bumps into Griz on his way out. Regan is thrilled to see Griz again. But when he tells her that he wants to move away, she argues that they still have to find the other killers of their daughter…

Director Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment) , Frederic Colier
Producer Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment) , Frederic Colier , Mevlut Akkaya (Digital Film Academy)
Distribution Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment)
Script Frederic Colier
Director of Photography Eric Giovon
Editor Frederic Colier
Art Director Mumtaz Hussain
Music John B Hedges


WorldFest Houston, Houston (United States) 2004-05 Best Short Drama, Bronze Remi
Golden Wagon Film Festival Fire Island (United States) 2004-07 People\'s Choice Award