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Détails - Desert Weeds

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Titre International: Desert Weeds
Réalisation: Frederic Colier
Durée: 14:58
Pays de production: États-Unis
Année de production: 2004
Production: Altered Ego Entertainment, Frederic Colier
Distribution: Altered Ego Entertainment

Titre original: Desert Weeds
Titre International: Desert Weeds
Pays de production: États-Unis
Type: Shortfilm
Catégorie / Type: Fiction
Genre: Drame
Couleur: Color


Since the death of her son in the war in Iraq, Louise has lost interest in life. She has problems with her company, and the board of executives wants to remove her. Realizing she has no heart to fight, she accepts to meet with the board. She calls her hairdresser, Susan, to look presentable. Susan and Craig have problems. They have gone broke in unsuccessful attempts to have a child. On her way to work, Susan talks about her chances of having a baby. Craig acts impatient. He has clients waiting and has no time for a talk. He drops Susan at her hair salon making empty promises. He drives to Louise’s, who is at first reluctant to see him, but when she learns he is from the oil home delivery company she invites him in. Craig has found a way to make a lot of cash. He gives Louise an inflated contract. Although Louise protests, Craig convinces her that it is her benefit to sign. Carried away at the prospect of a large commission, Craig makes a stupid remark about the war, and Louise changes her mind about writing her check. She suggests instead that they have coffee. Craig reluctantly accepts. Louise puts a strong narcotic in Craig’s coffee. When Craig wakes in the house basement, tied to a wheel chair, Louise tells him about her dead son and hints that Craig should die too. She dowses him with gasoline and when her lighter fails to work, she dumps Craig into the icy pool. Despondent, Louise tries to hang herself, but Susan shows up at the door for the haircut, looking as dejected. She ...

Réalisateur Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment) , Frederic Colier
Producteur Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment) , Frederic Colier
Distribution Frederic Colier (Altered Ego Entertainment)
Scénario Frederic Colier
Image Eric Giovon
Montage Frederic Colier
Création des décors Tanya Preminger
autre Keith Ricker