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Details - Pro Kopf

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International Title: Pro Kopf
Director: Sascha Zimmermann
Running time: 13:45
Country of production: Germany
Year of production: 2012
Production: Sascha Zimmermann, Stefan Gieren
Distribution: Sascha Zimmermann

Original title: Pro Kopf
International Title: Pro Kopf
Country of production: Germany
Type: Shortfilm
Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Psychological Drama
Subject matter: Relationship, Macabre, Revenge
Colour: Color


Martin is an executive working away from home who makes a phone call home at the wrong time. Martin's call to his wife is picked up by the maid who is put in a difficult position due to an indiscretion by Martin's wife with another man. Once the truth is out Martin has one thing on his mind, murder and he's willing to pay. But will the maid do what he wants and kill the cheating wife and her lover? Pro Kopf is a darkly comic tale of love and murder.

Director Sascha Zimmermann
Producer Sascha Zimmermann , Stefan Gieren
Distribution Sascha Zimmermann
Script Tommy Draper
Director of Photography David Rankenhohn
Editor Sascha Zimmermann
Sound Jens Lippert
Music Composer Jan Dugge
Gaffer Jakob Deutsch


Shorts At Moonlight Hofheim / Mainz (Germany) 2012-07
24th Trieste Film Festival 2013 Trieste (Italy) 2013-01
Skepto International Film Festival 2013 Cagliari (Italy) 2013-04
Comic-Con International Film Festival 2013 San Diego (United States) 2013-07 Best Horror / Suspense Film
Kerry Film Festival Kerry (Ireland) 2012-10
Bronx International Film Festival New York (United States) 2012-12
- zwergWERK - 12. Oldenburger Kurzfilmtage Oldenburg (Germany) 2012-11
- Independent Days 13 Karlsruhe (Germany) 2013-04 Finalist: No-Budget
Shortfilm Slam Lübeck Lübeck (Germany) 2012-12
Five Lamps Films Derby (United Kingdom) 2012-09
idFest 2013 Derby (United Kingdom) 2013-05
Bootleg Film Festival Edinburgh Edinburgh (United Kingdom) 2013-03 Best Screenplay (short)
- Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Schwerin (Germany) 2013-05
Edinburgh Shot Film Festival Edinburgh (United Kingdom) 2013-05
29. Festoria - Int. Film Festival Setubal-Portugal Setubal (Portugal) 2013-06
Snake Alley Festival of Film 2013 Burlington (United States) 2013-06 Best Dramedy
Mexico International Film Festival 2013 Mexiko (Mexico) 2013-06 Silver Palm Award
10th Naoussa International Film Festival Naoussa (Greece) 2013-09
37. Open-Air Filmfest Weiterstadt Weiterstadt (Germany) 2013-08
Deep Fried Film Festival North Lanarkshire (United Kingdom) 2013-08 Nominiert: Best Horror/Thrille
18th Portobello Film Festival London (United Kingdom) 2013-09
Aesthetica Short Film Festival York (United Kingdom) 2013-11
9th Int. Auteur Film Festival Quest Europe Zielona Góra (Poland) 2013-08
DC Shorts Washington (United States) 2013-09


Cinema United States 2013-01
Cinema France 2012-05
Cinema Germany 2012-10