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Details - ALFIE

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International Title: ALFIE
Director: Thomas Mathai
Running time: 26:01
Country of production: India
Year of production: 2013
Production: Meatshop Cinema
Distribution: Meatshop Cinema

Original title: ALFIE
International Title: ALFIE
Country of production: India
Type: Shortfilm
Category: Fiction
Genre: Drama, Eroticism, Psychological Drama
Subject matter: Violence, Love, Macabre, Eroticism, Dream
Colour: Color


Alfie is a failing actress and a junkie lost in filth. One fine afternoon, she and her new lover travel to a remote waterfall inside the woods. Tired with all the walking, she soon falls asleep by the waterfall and the dream that follows is bizarre, horrifying, where she is bound up tight in a shady dungeon and tortured mercilessly. Visually reminiscent of a Rembrandt, ‘Alfie’ tells a surreal tale structured uniquely to simulate a dream experience, immersed in Freudian eroticism, sexual deviance and biblical notion of Baptism.

Director Thomas Mathai (Meatshop Cinema)
Producer Sree Raj (Meatshop Cinema)
Distribution Sree Raj (Meatshop Cinema)
Director of Photography Sree Raj (Meatshop Cinema) , Sandeep Nair (Meatshop Cinema)
Editor Sree Raj (Meatshop Cinema)
Music Composer Vivian Varghese
Art Director Sunu Khadar


Cannes Court Metrage Cannes (France) 2013-05 Official Selection
International Documentary and Short Film Festival Thiruvananthapuram (India) 2013-06 Official Selection (Competitio