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Details - Juguete

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International Title: Toy
Director: Adrián Villa
Running time: 11:11
Country of production: Germany
Year of production: 2012
Production: Adrián Villa, Kunshochschule für Medien
Distribution: Adrián Villa

Original title: Juguete
International Title: Toy
Country of production: Germany
Type: Shortfilm
Category: Documentary
Genre: Video Art, other
Subject matter: Everyday Life, Employment, Culture, Politics, other
Colour: Color


No one really knows how a city works. People just do what they are supposed to do and try not to bounce into each other. A thick flow of indifferent rhythms make an urban machine function almost imperceptibly. This functionality is sharply understood as well-being. As long as jobs are done no one will complaint. But what happens when people can’t do what they normally do? What rhythms come then into play?

Director Adrián Villa
Producer Adrián Villa , Kunshochschule für Medien
Distribution Adrián Villa