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1. Open your call for Entries – Customization Options

a. Sections

b. Customized data (NEW)

c. Notification Pop-Up when submitting a film

d. Introduction for pre-selection members

e. Password protection of your Call for Entries

f. Max Minutes


2. Online Pre-Selection


3. Film Basket for your online pre-selection result


4. Festival Account Logins

a. Various logins

b. Notes

c. Basket by login


5. Film Approval by the user


6. Download and resume of all submitted film files


7. Lower List


8. Data

a. XML (Standard)

b. CSV (Additional)


9. Film Submission Status

a. Previewed

b. Manual Status

c. Downloaded


10. Back-up: Media-Server for Offline Pre-Selection


11. Streaming Links of films (NEW)


12. Online Video Library (NEW)


13. Upload of Cinema Screeners (NEW)


14. reelport support



1. Open your call for Entries – Customization Options

a. Sections: Please let us know if the reelport user should choose a submission section/category. We will then prepare your call with your chosen sections. When submitting a film, the reelport user will see the available sections. The reelport user needs to confirm the chosen section. You can manually move a film from one section to the other in your film submission list (Use the check box and go below the film submission list. In the dropdown menu you will see your sections. Just select the right one).


b. Customized data (NEW): You can now ask the reelport user for up to 5 customized data when submitting to you! The fields can be obligatory and you can choose between yes/now answer or a text field. Those data can be set as “obligatory” if needed. Please let us know via email if you need additional data for your pre-selection process (e.g. age of the reelport user, specific premiere, etc.)


c. Notification Pop-Up when submitting a film: We can activate an individual notification after the reelport user clicked on “submit film”. The notification appears as a pop up window (e.g. “Please make sure your film is produced after 2012, and fulfills the requirement of a music video”). The text inside the pop-up window can be determined individually. Provided you would like to have it added please email us with the text.


d. Introduction for pre-selection members: If you wish you can show an individual text for the pre-selection members above the film submission list. You can e.g. explain the procedure and/or provide the pre-selection members with details. If you want your text to be shown above your film submission list please send it to us via email.


e. Password protection of your Call for Entries: Reelport offers password protected calls for film entries with an individually chosen password. That can be helpful for example in post-deadline submission cases. For password protected calls please send us an email with the password and date and duration of the call.


f. Max Minutes: If your festival/competition allows the submission of films up to specific film minutes we can activate the “max minutes” features. Reelport user will then be able to submit films up to determined amount of minutes.


2. Online Pre-Selection

To watch films online, just login to your festival account and click on "Play" or "Film Credits" (the “Play” button is below the film still).


3. Film Basket for your online pre-selection result

All pre-selection results can be saved in your festival’s account “film basket”.


How can I move a film into the reelport film basket?

Click on “Play” and use the “+” Icon above the player on the right to add a film to the basket. Alternatively click the “play” link below the film still via "Film Credits".


How can I access the reelport film basket?

You can see all added films if you click on “Film Basket” in the left navigation on above the section “Administration submissions”.


Film Basket Options:

All films that are listed in the basket can be viewed online and be commented on. There is also the possibility of sending the data of the list as an email (the button is under the film list) and print it out with the comments. You can also remove films from the basket.


4. Festival Account Logins

a. We can connect different reelport logins to your festival account with your film submission list.


How do I create viewing log-ins? If you wish to have additional reelport logins to be connected your festival list, you first need to create reelport accounts (a new registration for each viewing account). After that, please email us the login names.


b. Please note that in your film submission list the column “note” is shown to all festival account logins. You can use the note column to indicate who has watched a film already. When doing so, please decide internally which pre-selection member receives the specific number available (1-9). If the film shows the “0”, it means that the film has not yet been watched.


c. Each festival login has its own film basket for individual film selection results. Optional (additional charge): If you need all pre-selected films of each basket to be shown in one reelport account please contact us. We can either create a new basket with the complete pre-selection results of all individual baskets or we create a new film list for your final selection process.


5. Film Approval by the User

After uploading and encoding of their film files, the reelport user will receive an email asking them to approve the film file, so that there is no technical error. They also have the option to re-upload their film. After approval a re-upload is only possible in exceptional cases. All approved films are marked green and bold in the festival's account.


6. Download and resume of all submitted film files

We recommend: Always download film files via "select all films". The downloading program recognizes already downloaded files and skips them as long as the following steps are complied with:


Please note:

Obligatory for the "resume" function: All already downloaded films have to be in one folder.

1. The folder on your computer/external hard disc that all the films have to be in must be named: reelport

2. Create a new folder on your computer/external hard disc and name it as you wish.

3. Move the "reelport" folder in the new folder on your computer/external hard disc.

4. Log in to and please go to your film list.

5. Click on “Select all films” below the film list and use the dropdown menu to select “file download”. Continue.

6. A Java window will open, click on "allow”.

7. Click on “search” and select your folder. Just select it. Do not double-click on it. Important: under "save under", the destination folder address has to be your own chosen and named folder at the end (not the reelport folder inside your own folder).

8. Choose Download. What now happens is that the bulk download skips all completely downloaded film files. All incomplete downloads or new downloads will be added to the reelport folder.


Please note the film file download includes the download of all uploaded film file attachments (stills, filmography, biography, marketing, text files, etc.)!


7. Lower List

There will be films listed below the regular film list. These films have been submitted without an existing film file. The submission will automatically be moved to the regular film submission list on top as soon as the user has uploaded a film file.


8. Data

a. Standard data (XML): You can export all standard data as XML. The XML file contains all of the submitter's registration and film information. Scroll down the film list and click on "select all films". Please use the dropdown menu for the XML data export.


You can convert the XML to a CSV file for Excel: Please use the reelport import/export software (Download it here: Please see also the reelport festival interface manual for details on how to use the import/export software.


b. Additional data (CSV): Scroll down the film list and click on "select all films". Please use the dropdown menu for the CSV data export.


The CSV file contains following data:

Submission ID, Unique Process ID, Orig. Title, Engl. Title, Contest/Section, Main Production Country, Runtime, Director, Director Email, Synopsis, Submission Date, Approved, Note, Festival Call Comment, Student Project Debut Film, Film Cre-dits Comment, Animation Techniques, Submitter, Submitter Email, Type.

The data marked red are NOT included to the XML file!


Please see here more info regarding the data only included to the CSV file:

a. Unique Process ID: Films uploaded after May 9th right now show the Unique ID if you download film files.

b. Contest/Section: This is an individual field customized per festival.

c. Submission Date: See the date of film submission.

d. Approved: Yes/No. Check if the reelport user confirmed that there is no technical error after the film upload/encoding of the film file.

e. Note: Each film can be given a note from “1” up to “10”.

f. Festival Call Comment: The reelport user can enter a comment when submitting to you (individual festival comment by the reelport user)

g. Student Project: States if the film is a „Student Project“.

h. Debut Film: States if the film is a „Debut film“.

h. Film Credits Comment: The reelport user can do a general comment when ente-ring the data of his/her film.

i. Animation Techniques: States the „Animation Techniques“.

j. Type: States the type of the film (Short Film, Feature Film, other)


Please note: You will find all notes of customized data also in the CSV file!


9. Film Submission Status

a. Films that have been viewed online automatically change their status from "trans-coded" to "previewed".


b. You can manually set the following status: "accepted", "rejected", “regulations not respected”. To do that tick the checkboxes on the left and scroll down the film list and choose the status in the dropdown menu.


c. Status "Downloaded" of film files: The status "downloaded" is only shown in your festival account if the status of the film is still “transcoded”. If the film has previously been viewed online (Status “previewed”) or updated manually by the festival administrator, the status "downloaded" is not shown the reelport festival account!


10. Back-up Media-Server for Offline Pre-Selection

Viewing through Media-Server: If an online viewing is not possible/or if you want to have a back-up option in case there occur problems with the internet connection, we recommend the purchase of a commercial media server (for about 100 euros).


This can be played out on Beamers, Computers, Tv's. The downloaded files have to be copied onto the Media-Server for that to be possible.


11. Streaming Links of films (NEW)

It is possible to create streaming links to send via email of films via our PicturePipe technology. You can determine how long the streaming link should be valid and what “overlay” you wish. Please email us for more details.


12. Online Video Library (NEW)

All uploaded films can be transferred to an Online Video Library which you can us to showcase your festival programme/submissions before, during and after the festival. Please me us for more details.


13. Upload of Cinema Screeners (NEW)

Let filmmakers upload their Digital Screening Copy up to HD online. Download your selected films for the cinema screenings.



14. reelport support

Please contact:


Eman Shihab –

for general inquiries, all questions regarding your festival call on / updates


Peter Friedrich –

for all technical matters regarding film encodings / film file download