Except for having the by far largest base of European film makers Reelport also offers really strong tools for management and organization of submissions. They combine a high technical expertise with a friendly and professional collaboration. Jonatan Petré Brixel, Festival Director - Berlin Experimental Film Festival
Over the years, we have worked with a lot of festival platforms, but eventually there are just a few left we keep relationship with, and of course Reelport is one of them. Since they know exactly what they are doing from both sides: From the film director's and also for a festival organizer’s aspect, it works smoothly, without any unnecessary issues, compliance with the rules of the game, which you can call different as respect or something like that! Danke schön! Gábeli Tamás, Festival Director - Budapest Short Film Festival
A great support service: you get your questions answered within minutes! Alessandro Zucconi, Artistic Director – Concorto Film Festival
When we launched the festival we were expecting a fairly low key affair with mostly local submissions, we launched a call on Reelport and were literally shocked by the reaction. We went from a local festival to an international one overnight and it helped steer the event in the direction we wanted, showcasing the very best films from around the world. William Jenkins, Festival Director – Plymouth Film Festival
We are with Reelport since 2013 and is the first platform we start our amazing journey. Our number of submissions is growing from one year to another and the quality of films are amazing. Reelport is a great partner, very easy to communicate and all the process of watching, selecting, downloading is extremely user-friendly. Thank you Reelport! Florian Zapra, Festival Director – Dublin International Short Film Festival