If you submit your film to reelport you are submitting to quality festivals from all over the world. Real festivals.

reelport was founded in Germany and has been run with dedication since 2004. As Germans, of course, we don’t have much humour. We are probably not very fun to be around. But seriously (!) we commit to every festival we present on the platform and we care for the quality of every film that is submitted via reelport.com

We don’t claim to have more festivals on the platform than actually exist. We don't accept festivals that only exist to collect submission fees for the next trip to the Bahamas. We check every festival that is with us. We want the festival to be real. We deliver support in person, by real people, to filmmakers and to festivals. We might not be very fun to be with, but we like to help you in every way we can. Call us! Write us! And if the situation is desperate we might even try to crack a joke. 

Above all we care about films. We want to deliver your films to the festivals in the best possible quality. We want the films to be selected by the festivals, we want our filmmakers to be successful. This is our mission and we take it rather seriously.