Montevideo World Film Festival

From July 13, 2017 until July 15, 2017


Movies of feature films and short films will be accepted.
A) Short films of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation.
Maximum duration: 35 minutes.
B) Feature films of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation.
Minimum duration: 36 minutes.

The organization MonteCine organizes the III film festival to be held in July 2017 in the town of El Prado (Montevideo). The works will be exhibited in the Hall of the Municipal House of Culture, Av. Lucas Obes.

1-The films selected to enter the contest will be chosen by the Organization after viewing, by a group of "pre-selectors".
2-The mode of participation in the festival is through three means: Submit by the Reelport platform.
Entries can be made until July 3, 2017.

3- If the film is not spoken in Spanish, it must be subtitled in this language or English.
4-The participating films accept the public exhibition during the festival date.
5- The categories in competition are the following:
Feature film Fiction
Feature film Documentary
Feature film Animation
Feature Film Experimental
Short Film Fiction
Documentary Short Film
Short Film Animation
Short Film Experimental

6- The announcement has different enrollment rates according to the date the film is presented:
A) Until April 5: Feature Film € 19; Short Film € 13.
B) Until May 5: Feature film € 21; Short Film € 15.
C) Until June 5: Feature film € 23; Short film € 17.
D) Until July 3: Feature film € 25; Short Film €19.

7-The following awards have been established:
Award for Best Fiction Feature
Award for Best Documentary Feature
Award for Best Experimental Feature
Award for Best Feature Film Animation

Award for Best Short Fiction
Award for Best Documentary Short Film
Award for Best Experimental Short Film
Award for Best Short Film Animation
Special Jury and Public Awards
Special Public Awards
(In case of not enough level in some category, the Organization can declare desert the prize)

8-The organization will communicate sufficiently in advance the selected and the winners of the prizes. The delivery will take place in El Prado (Montevideo).

9-The participants in this show accept each and every one of the points that make up the bases of the III edition of Montevideo Wold Film Festival.

Contact us:
Anselmo Pérez Medina. +598 2336 7021
Av. Lucas Obes, El Prado, 11700, Montevideo, Area Metropolitana de Montevideo, Uruguay

Short Film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2015

MonteCine has the vision of being a film festival of the world, directed to the participation of films from all continents, that reflect the varied cultures and languages. It seeks diversity first of all, that is why all the cinematographic expressions, from the conservative to the more experimental, are accommodated. It will be held in the town of El Prado (Montevideo), from July 13 to 15, 2017.


Montecine Inc
Avenida Lucas Obes 1
11700 Montevideo