FIFOG - Festival International du Film Oriental de Genève

From April 21, 2018 until April 29, 2018


The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva is supported by the City of Geneva’ Department for Culture and other significant partners. Its organization is led by the “FIFOG” association in partnership with other organizations that promote cinema, cultural dialogue and cultural diversity. The event will be held April 21-29 2018, in several venues that include the Cinemas of “Grütli”, Lausanne and neighbouring France and 20 other scrennings sites.

The 2018 edition will host around 100 movies of a wide range of genres that originate from Eastern countries as well as Western countries. These movies are meant to showcase high quality and tackle human values, while being thought-provocative. The agenda thus reflects the association’s quest to pursue an understanding of Eastern societies and to question the cultural barriers between the East and the West, by means of exclusive fiction movies, documentaries and short movies. The aim of FIFOG is also to spark a debate on various themes that pertain equally to the East as to the West, and to facilitate dialogue and understanding between the two. At the same time, FIFOG offers a platform for young film directors who can be Swiss and also from the Middle East and North Africa.

The movies will be grouped along the following categories: “The Orient in all its forms”;“Voices and visions of women”; “Perspectives: East-West and Switzerland-East“; “Migration and Integration”; and “FI-FON-FAN” (the festival of children). In parallel, 5 prizes will be awarded and for each category; a Golden FIFOG and a Silver FIFOG will be presented respectively to winners and runners-up.

1. Films eligible for inclusion at the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival are: have been produced, within 2 years for international fiction film competitions, and 3 years for documentaries and short films. No restrictions are imposed on films in the Panorama section.

2. Films presented at the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival are selected under the responsibility of the FIFOG Selection Committee, whose decision is irrevocable. The latter reserves the right to rule on all cases not provided for in this regulation.

3. Submissions are to be made through REELPORT

4. All copies of screenings of the films selected for the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival must be received in Geneva no later than one month before the festival's announced dates. These copies must be technically perfect and verified in advance by the participant concerned. Copies will be redirected to their holders and at their expense within 3 weeks after the end of the event. Should the Festival be requested to retain a copy beyond this period, the freight forwarder will be entitled to claim from the owner of the copy the storage and shipping charges due to him.

5. If a copy presented at the Geneva International Oriental Film Festival is lost or damaged during the event, the Festival's insurance company will be bound for the price of the copy of the copy in the laboratory. It is therefore strongly advised that Festival participants declare the value of the copy on the registration form.

6. Films selected will be presented in Geneva (or other venues where the festival takes place) in an original version subtitled in French or exceptionally subtitled in English.

7. The copyright holders allow 3 graceful broadcasts of the film as well as the distribution of film clips or the soundtrack for FIFOG promotional purposes.

8. The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva undertakes not to present any film - unless otherwise authorized by the person entitled to the film - to any person or organization before the first screening in connection with the event.

9. The copyright holder undertakes not to broadcast the film in Romandie (Switzerland) before the FIFOG screening.

10. Participation in the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva implies full acceptance of the present rules by the film rights holders (producer, distributor or its representative).

International Competition

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2005

FIFOG is an unmissable cinematographic event in the cultural landscape of French-speaking Switzerland, which promotes cinema, diversity and intercultural dialogue. Supported by more than 200 partners, it presents annually a hundred films of all genres, along with about sixty guests from around the world. On this occasion, five members of the Jury award respectively a golden FIFOG and a silver FIFOG. With the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, as well as the Department of Culture of the City of Geneva, the 12th edition of FIFOG will take place in some 20 locations in French-speaking Switzerland and neighbouring France. Screenings will be supplemented by debates, symposia, lectures, exhibitions, school programs and various training workshops. For its twelfth anniversary, FIFOG will continue to explore the most original and innovative cinematographies of the East and West through its various sections.


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