Excuse My French / Third edition

From June 29, 2018 until June 29, 2018


Short films of any genre and format up to 30minutes are accepted

All films must be French or english spoken. All films submitted in a language other than English must be subtitled in English

The production year shouldn’t be earlier than 2014

There is no premiere requirement.

Short Films under 30 Minutes

Late deadline: May 23, 2018 for 20.00 €

Short Films under 5 Minutes

Late deadline: May 23, 2018 for 10.00 €

Documentary Category

Late deadline: May 23, 2018 for 20.00 €

Music Video Category

Late deadline: May 23, 2018 for 17.00 €


This Festival was founded in 2017

Indie Film Festival in Paris, Gosh! is dedicated to international short films screenings. The festival aims to bring to Paris films loved all around the world or brand new in our great city.

Each edition, we work hard to make one of the best movies line up in French festivals!
- screening in an historical venue
- a full audience event
- DCP screening to provide the best quality experience to our audience
- a teaser for all the movies in premiere (
- IMDB certified awards
- a media partners to cover the event
- an international jury, lead by world famous artist Laura Satana
- interview and original certificate for award winners (
- Individual feedback for all the movies after the screening
- a damn cool experience!

Gosh! loves all genres of independent cinema: unique, intriguing, imaginative, stylised, explicit or just different from what we are used to watch…

Screening at Studio des Ursulines, in the core of Paris, we create our own DCP to provide the best quality experience to our audience.

- - -

Each film is seen and rated by a committee of three persons, including Gosh! Festival organizers: Magali Souart and Fabio Soares.
All the movies are seen by the committee, there is no “pass by” accepted.
Members of the committee can’t be involved in any way, in movies taking part of the official selection.

The jury is composed by professionals from TV & Cinema, the list and CV of EMF Jury are available on our website.
The jury takes part to the screening in Paris and decide about the awards, except the audience award, given by the audience.
Gosh! Festival organizers do not take part to the jury and respect their final decisions.

The mythical movie theatre “Studio des Ursulines” will host Gosh! Film Festival, which third edition will happen in June 25th 2018.

Awards are IMDB eligible.
Best Movie / Best Director / Best Actress / Best Actor / Best Screenplay / Best original Score are chosen by the Jury. A Special award will be given by the Audience.
Winners will receive the original certificat by mail, an interview will be published.


Fabio Soares
Rue Bachelet 19
75018 Paris