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4th Ciudad del Este Independent Film Festival

From Sept. 18, 2019 until Sept. 21, 2019


1.- The deadline for registration and submission of materials is September 09, 2019.
Fiction Feature Film
Experimental Feature Film
Documentary Feature
Student Feature
Fiction Short Film
Experimental Short Film
Animation Short Film
Documentary Short Film
Student Short Film
Musical Video
3.- Shorts films and music videos may be played for a maximum of 30 minutes (including credits).
And feature films that last longer than 31 minutes.
4.- Films must be presented in original language, or subtitled in English or Spanish.
5.- EXHIBITION. The Festival will agree on the order and date of exhibition of each work. Entries
may be selected for out-of-competition samples.
6.- The admission fee will be:

6.1.- First cut: Before April 15:
Short films: € 9
Feature Films: € 11
6.2.- Second cut: Before June 15:
Short films: € 10
Feature Films: € 12
6.3.- Third cut: Before July 15:
Short films: € 11
Feature Films: € 13
6.4.- Fourth cut: Before August 13:
Short films: € 12
Feature films: € 13
6.5.- Fifth cut: Before September 09:
Short films: € 13
Feature films: € 14

7.- There is no registration limit for the number of films per director or producer
8.- Digital film files will be accepted through festival accounts on the platforms.
9.- Once sent to the call, the film can not be removed
10.- In no case will be paid for the rights of exhibition of a work (screening fee).
11.- SELECTION AND JURY. The selection of the works will be the responsibility of the Organization
of the Festival by means of an international jury, formed by professionals of the cinematographic
means. Your ruling will be final.
12.- The notification of the films selected in each category will be made on September 13th.

13.- AWARDS. The following items will be awarded:
Fiction Feature Film award
Experimental Feature Film award
Documentary Feature award
Student Feature award
Fiction Short Film award
Experimental Short Film award
Animation Short Film award
Documentary Short Film award
Student Short Film award
Musical Video award

Musical Video

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Short Film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Feature Film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2016

Ciudad del Este Independent Film Festival is a cinematographic encounter that exhibits films of
format of short film and feature, as well as music video; National and international. The festival
will be held from September 18 to 21, 2019, in several locations in Ciudad del Este; Dates in which
80 films of all genres will be screened. The invitation is open to filmmakers, directors, distributors,
producers, actors, producers and the entire local and international artistic community.


Calle 29 de Septiembre No
7000 Ciudad del Este