III° Il Varco International Short Film Festival

From Aug. 20, 2018 until March 20, 2019


We ask filmmakers and producers to accept simple regulations:

- Free theme or subject;

- Shorts must have a maximum running time of 40' and must have been produced after 1/1/2016;

- Shorts must be either shot in italian or have english or italian subtitles;

- Shots that contain obscene, libellous or diffamatory language will be disqualified;

- You can submit only one short per subscription fee: multiple shorts require multiple subscription fees;

- Producers and/or author, if the short is selected for the final stage of the festival, must declare to be solely responsible for all rights regarding his work and must declare that the movie does not contain any third-party rights.

- The judgement of the jurors is unchallengeable

III° Il Varco International Short Film Festival

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2016

"By far the best screening experience I had" - Severino Iuliano (Winner Best Film 2017)
"This was the highest quality screening I had after Venice Film Festival" - Alain Parroni (Best Italian Production 2018)

Even if its only our third edition, our International Short Film Festival has already gained wide recognition as one of the most interesting and artistically challenging festivals in Italy for films from all around the world. The third edition of our "International Short Film Festival / Il Varco" that will take place in Pescara (Italy) in May 2019 is meant for directors, producers of any age and nationality, that have shot and produced a short movie after 1/1/2016. Our goal is to discover and promote new authorial cinematographic visions through the language of short movie.

In only two years our festival has received more than 1400 films from 68 countries, made 6 screenings around Italy with more than 650 paid spectators screening the best short films from all around the world and giving directors the possibility to interact with a public of film students, film critics, directors, cinephiles and moviegoers.

Screenings take place in the biggest cinema in Abruzzi, on a 20x12 meters screen with DCP 2K projectors at maximum quality with 7.1 audio and our staff makes DCP for the selected films for free (and you can have it when the festival is over).

Last year we had the privilege of having Qiu Yang "A Gentle Night" winning our festival (A Cannes Palme D'Or winner). Directors that got selected in our festival later saw their film recognized with big awards. For example, Jules Carrin was selected in Oscar Qualifying Festivals like Vienna, Elio Di Pace later went to Venice Festival. Gianluca Santoni won Solinas Award and went to Hollywood with StudioUniversal. Aldo Iuliano and its movie "Penalty", that was awarded last season, later won the italian Golden Globe and was selected in Oscar qualifying festival. "Wherever was using this bed", an australian movie that we screened, after our festival won more that 70 awards and was selected in over 170 festivals, including BAFTA and Oscar qualifying events. This year our jurors will be among the best professionals of the italian Film Industry. We only care about quality movies, intelligent vision, experimentation and authorial style. We're not saying that this movies went far because of us, but we can tell you that being selected here means that your film has all that is needed to be recognized as an author's film and if we do select it, many others will surely be interested in it.

Jurors are among the best professionals of the italian industry, winners of big prizes and partners with the most prominent directors in Italy an Europe.

From this year, selected directors get a chance to become part of our BOARD OF DIRECTORS, a special Jury made by the directors that were selected in our previous editions. Moreover, on the festival dates, there will be a filmed DIRECTOR'S ROUNDTABLE where the selected directors will have a debate about the forms and languages of short film, that will be distributed in web and TV.

Join a new generation of young independent authors.

See you in Pescara.


Marco Spoletini - David di Donatello for Best Editor 2009 - Gomorra
Will assign the prize for Best Editing

Daniele Ciprì - David di Donatello for Best Cinematography 2010 - Vincere
Will assign the prize for Best Cinematography

Paolo Bogna - David di Donatello Nominee for Non Essere Cattivo
Will assign the prize for Best Production

Elisabetta De Vito - David di Donatello Nominee for Non Essere Cattivo
Will assign the prize for Best Actress

Saverio La Ruina - Premio Ubu best Italian Actor
Will assign the prize for Best Actor

Antonio Cericola - Composer and conductor at Athens 2004 Olympics
Will assign the prize for Best Original Score

Lorenzo Berghella - SIAE Best Talent at Venice Film Festival
Will assign the prize for Best Director

Antonio Romagnoli - Director and author
Will assign the prize for Best Screenplay

Andrea Gatopoulos - Producer, director, author and founder of Il Varco
Will assign the honorable mention Il Varco

Alain Parroni - Aldo Iuliano - Rossella Inglese - Andrew Kotakto - Maxime-Claude L'Ecuyer - Antonio La Camera - Elio Di Pace - Gianluca Santoni - Marco Mazzone - Simone Bozzelli - Alvaro Gonzales- Antoine Laurens


Il Varco
Via Colle Renazzo 75
Via Colle Renazzo 75