16th MoliseCinema Film Festival

From Aug. 7, 2018 until Aug. 12, 2018


Our Festival in a nutshell

Name: MoliseCinema Film Festival
Where: Casacalenda (Molise Region, Southern Italy) Small village, big screen, great cinema, fantastic atmosphere!
When: 7 to 12 August 2018
Deadline for submissions 31 May 2018
No fees

Competition for films completed in 2017e 2018:
- International shorts, all genres, up to 20 min, Italian premiere
- Italian shorts, up to 20 min.
- Italian documentary films
- Feature films, first and second films. Foreign films with Italian subtitles and or dialogue list

Please view full text of Regulations below and in the attachment before applying.

1. Objectives
The main goal of MoliseCinema Film Festival is to affirm the “right to cinema” in small towns and villages, by promoting the latest and most innovative works of Italian and international cinema. Special attention is devoted to young Italian, European and international film-makers, to innovative projects and new ways of expression, and to films dealing with themes such as relations between cultures and peoples, social and civil identity of communities, life in small villages.

2. Dates
The 16th MoliseCinema Film Festival will take place from 7 to 12 August 2018.

3. Sections
The festival is divided into sections:
a) Villages in Short: International short films competition;
b) Routes: National short films competition (Italian productions);
c) Frontiers: Italian documentary films competition;
d) Villages in Features: Italian and international feature films competition. Section reserved to directors’ first and second films.

Non competitive sections:
e) Filming Molise: archives of films d’auteur and other works on Molise and its territory;
f) Adriatic Focus: Albania-Italy-Montenegro;
g) Special events: special screenings, concerts, books presentations and readings, shows, retrospectives, workshops;
h) MoliseCinema Tour: screenings of a selection of films in other towns of Molise.

4. Juries and Awards
For each of the competitive sections 3.a, 3.b, and 3.c a jury of Italian and international experts appointed by the Board of MoliseCinema shall evaluate the films in the official selection and award prizes and special mentions, together with relevant citations. The awards, which shall include prize money in proportion to the Festival yearly budget, are as follows:
Villages in Short: Best international short film award;
Routes: Best Italian short film award;
Frontiers: Best documentary film award (named after Giuseppe Folchi);
Villages in Features: Best feature film audience award.
Any special prizes shall be decided at the juries’ discretion.
Competition winners shall also receive MoliseCinema K Prize, a sculptural piece by contemporary artist Baldo Diodato.

5. Selection process
The selection of short films, documentary films and feature films in the competitive sections Villages in Short, Routes, Frontiers and Villages in Feature shall be responsibility of the Board of MoliseCinema at its sole discretion. The Board of MoliseCinema shall also select works and film-makers for the remaining sections of the Festival.
The official selection of the 16th Festival shall be published on the Festival website ( by 25 July 2018. Film-makers of selected films shall be notified via email at the addresses provided in the entry form. If a film is not selected no notification shall be sent.

6. Film entry conditions
a) Competitive section Villages in short (international short films): Films of all genres that do not exceed 20 minutes and were completed after 1st January, 2017, are eligible for submission. The films screenings shall be Italian premieres except for special cases decided upon by the Board of MoliseCinema. Priority in the selection will be given to films having their world, international or European premiere at MoliseCinema Festival.
b) Competitive section Routes (Italian short films): Films of all genres that do not exceed 20 minutes and were completed after 1st January, 2017, are eligible for submission. Priority in the selection will be given to films having their world, international, European or Italian premiere at MoliseCinema Film Festival.
c) Competitive section Frontiers: Films in the documentary form completed after 1st January 2017 are eligible for submission. In the selection process special consideration will be given to films dealing with the notion of border, either in a material or symbolic sense, and relations between peoples and cultures.
d) Competitive section Villages in features: Directors’ first or second fictional feature films completed after 1st January 2017 are eligible for submission. For films in a language other than Italian a screening copy of the film with Italian subtitles and/or a dialogue list in Italian is required.
e) The Board of MoliseCinema reserves the right to accept entries to the competitive sections that do not meet the above criteria as for theme, duration or year of production. The Board may decide to establish competitive subsections for specific genres, themes and authors.
d) In order to enter a film, the entry form, which is available on Reelport online platform, must be filled out and sent not later than 31 May 2018. Submission is deemed finalized only when the video content is uploaded on the
platform or, in the case of submission using the website entry form, the link to view the film online is provided or the physical video is shipped by post/courier. The date of online upload or the postmark date of shipment of the film screening copy shall be considered as proof. If a film is submitted and uploaded on the online platform, completion of the entry form on the website is not required.
Information contained in the entry form will be used for the Festival catalogue and other printed material related to the Festival.
g) Film-makers submitting films in a language other than Italian must send a copy of the film with Italian or English subtitles and a dialogue list, either in Italian, English, French, or Spanish.
h) Film-makers of the selected films shall be asked to send, as soon as possible, at least 3 color photos either as print, minimum size13x18 cm, or in digital format jpeg or tiff, 300 dpi. The deemed authorized free of charge. A high quality copy of selected films will be requested for the screening.

7 Deadline
Submission and upload/shipment of films shall be made by 31 May 2018.

8 Screenings
a) The programme and the screening schedule shall be sole responsibility of the Board of MoliseCinema.
b) The films in competition in a language other than Italian shall be screened in their original version with Italian subtitles.
c) The Board of MoliseCinema shall be responsible for publishing the Festival catalogue and information material on the films screened.
d) Any copyright owners of films screened at MoliseCinema Film Festival agree to leave the films DVD/Blu-ray screening copies and digital files with the archives of MoliseCinema for the sole purpose of research, cataloguing, promotion and to recommend them to other festivals. The archives shall be kept in a dedicated storage unit.

9 General rules
a) Application to MoliseCinema is free of charge and no entry fee is requested. Cost of postage, courier delivery, and film uploading must be borne by applicants.
b) Films not deemed eligible in previous MoliseCinema Film Festival editions will not be given consideration. However, the Board may reserve the right to evaluate again any films received and not selected in previous editions of the Festival.
c) The videos of films that are not selected shall not be returned.
d) Unless otherwise agreed, screening copies of selected films shipped from non-European Union countries should be labelled “No commercial value. For cultural purposes only”
e) Submission of an entry to MoliseCinema Film Festival entails unconditional acceptance of these regulations. Once the availability of a selected film has been confirmed by its right owner(s), the film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival.
f) The Board of MoliseCinema may decide on matters that are not mentioned in these regulations. In the event of any dispute, the Campobasso Court shall have jurisdiction. Only the Italian text of these Regulations is authentic.


International Short movies

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Italian Short Movies

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Italian Documentaries

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Feature Films (First and Second Works)

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2003

MoliseCinema Film Festival has been succesfully running for 15 years now to the delight of our audience and guests. MoliseCinerma 16th edition will take place from 7th to 12th August in Casacalenda (ITALY). Deadline for submission is May 31, 2018.

Our goal has always been to promote the latest and most innovative productions of Italian and international cinema, giving priority to young authors and new languages. Particular attention is devoted to short films and documentaries.

In the 15 editions held so far, the Festival has brought to its audience a rich and varied programme of screenings and hosted hundreds of actors, directors, producers and experts.

The Festival success and the visibility it has been enjoying in the local and national press are testimony of the growing importance of MoliseCinema in the cultural life of the region and Southern Italy as a whole and of an increasing interest from the rest of Italy and internationally .

Through its "Filming Molise" project the Festival has been showing the potential of the Molise region as a location for film and audiovisual productions .

Throughout the year the Festival organizes special screenings, workshops, exhibitions and events related to cinema and film culture in general.

The Festival has four competitive sections:
- International short movies (Italian premieres)
- Italian short movies
- Italian documentaries
- Feature Films (first and second films, for the international films ITA subtitles are required)


Piazza Nardacchione snc
86043 Casacalenda