Cine Ambjent - Environmental Film Fest

From May 25, 2019 until May 26, 2019


Submissions are now open for the 1st Cine Ambjent - Environmental Film Festival 2019.

Submissions for the 1st Cine Ambjent - Environmental Film Festival are now open.
Running on May 25th and May 26th 2019, the 1st CAEFF will play host to some very special events and screenings.
CAEFF plays a rich selection of the best of contemporary global short cinema and is always on the lookout for interesting new voices.

Submission deadlines and fees:

Early bird: Until midnight GMT, Wednesday, 20th March – €5
Regular submissions: Until midnight GMT Monday 15th April–€10
Late submissions: Until midnight GMT Wednesday 1st May – €15

There are only the audience prizes only at the Festival. Both are not cash prizes but mentions.

Categories for entry
Entries are invited in the following categories: Short Films, Short Documentaries and Maltese Short Films. We welcome all forms of film production – animation, experimental, student work, digital work, etc.

Conditions for Entry
Almost all digital formats are eligible for inclusion: preferably MP4 or Pro Res. Films should be presented in their original versions with English language subtitles or commentary where necessary. We are not screening in DCP.
To be eligible for the short film competitions, films must have been completed since 1 July 2015.

Criteria for Maltese Shorts
Filmmakers not from and from Malta and who are based in Malta;
Filmmakers from Malta but based elsewhere; and/or
Films shot by non-Maltesers throughout the archipelago (Malta, Gozo, Comino, Cominotto, Filfla).
Non-English language films
To qualify for selection, all non-English language films must have an English-subtitled screening copy available.

Due to the large amount of submissions received, we will only contact those filmmakers with work selected for the festival.
The selection of films will be announced on the FOE website by 15th May when the programme is launched.
Due to the large amount of submissions received, FOE cannot offer feedback regarding films that are not selected for the Festival.

We do not pay screening fees for films submitted to the festival.

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Cine Ambjent - Environmental Film Fest MALTA

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2019

We live in Malta, a country that deals with various environmental challenges. We have the code red within following issues:
Land use and the construction industry, air pollution, issues with transport and mobility, waste (plastics), food systems, water scarcity, climate change etc.
The scope of the Environmental Film Fest is to engage with the public through the themes of films that can be linked to environmental topics and to create a space for critical discussions.

The Film Festival aims to:
- create a dialogue between environmentalists, people working locally for social justice, artists, filmmakers and the active citizens.
- facilitate discussion and critique of the current environmental and social issues in Malta, Europe and on a Global level
- incentivise people in the community to explore film as a tool for experimentation and documentation make the festival an annual regular.


Friends of the Earth Malta
PO Box 1013, South Street 1013
VLT 1000. Valletta