2nd High Coast International Film Festival

From July 8, 2017 until July 9, 2017


For the 2nd Edition we are preparing five different sections that will screen throughout three days - Friday through Sunday.

- Feature films
- Experimental Films
- Fiction Films
- Documentary Films
- Films from the Region Vasternorrland

All films longer than 60 minutes are considered Feature Films and should therefore be Submitted into that Category. All films in the Categories Experimental, Fiction and Documentary must be shorter than 25 minutes, including credits. This means we will not screen any films between 26-59 minutes also called "Mid Length Films".

For a film to be eligible for the Category "Films from Vasternorrland" the Film must either be Produced in Vasternorrland or made by a Director living in Vasternorrland. Accepted Film lengths are 0-25 minutes or 60-90 minutes.

Please take a moment to read our Rules & Terms before submitting!

-There is no limit as to how many films a Film Maker can submit. However, each film can only be submitted once in one single category. If your film is suiting in more than one category, then please choose the one you find most suiting.

-Completion date does not influence the submission selection.

-Animation is by the Jury considered as a "technique" and therefore ALL animated films can be submitted as long as they fullfil the requirements of at least one of the submission categories.

-Previous Festival history for the Film does not influence the submission selection. Neither Films displayed in multiple festivals nor World premieres are given priority.

-Please make sure that your submission includes the following: Director Photography, Director Statement, Film Synopsis, Director Biography as these are needed to produce the Film Festival Catalogue.

-No refunds! Acciental double subimissions, change of mind or whatever reason to apply for a refund will be ignored!

- The sender of the submitted film is responsible for all copyrights. The applicant is legally authorized to enter the film in the festival and, if selected for the festival, authorized to give screening permission.

-The applicant has secured all necessary rights for both picture and sound, and exhibition will not violate or infringe upon any rights, including but not limited to music, images, and content.

-If selected for the festival the applicant acknowledges and agrees that the film will be displayed in front of a live audience.

-The film remains the property of the author.

2nd High Coast - Documentary Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

2nd High Coast - Fiction Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

2nd High Coast - Feature Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

2nd High Coast - Experimental Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

2nd High Coast - Films from Västernorrland

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2015

-Personal Artistic Expression through the medium of Film

The High Coast International Film Festival is a three day event - Friday through Sunday - held in the High Coast in North of Sweden focusing on Independent Film.

The core foundation and principle for the Film Festival itself and for the Film Program we put together is : "Personal Artistic Expression through the Medium of Film". There are no special sections for contemporary relevant films or attention to any special topics - Film as an Artform, as a means to express and artisically investigate is what puts the Film Program together.

Our aim is that - circling around the participating films - Film makers, Film Institutes and Film Organizations that screen, produce and distribute meet and do so under comfortable and beautiful circumstances which is exactly what a Film Festival located in the Countryside in North Sweden offers.

We thefore invite and pay for accomodation for every selected Film maker as well as invitied Film Institutions and Film Organizations.

For both Film makers and Film Organizations we highly recomend you to come - for the Film Makers you have a unique opportunity to meet with the Regional Film Institutions and Film Organizations and for Film Organizations you are looking at a opportunity to meet with other Organizations in the region as well as International Film Directors that have traveled from all around the world for this particular event. Or you can just spend a weekend on a most special Hotel in beautiful High Coast watching Films on a big screen put up solely for this event.

For more information about the Festival - Past Edition, This years open call for submissions, more details about our Philosphy and Background - please take a look around our Website and Facebook Page!


Bäckland 115
87030 Nordingrå