Ennesimo Film Festival

From May 4, 2018 until May 6, 2018


1.1 The third edition of the Ennesimo Film Festival (Just-One-More Film Festival) will be held from 4 to 6 May 2018 at Teatro Astoria in Fiorano Modenese (Modena, Italy). Screenings will be public and free of charge.
1.2 The Festival is organized by Tilt Associazione Giovanile supported by the Fiorano Modenese municipality and sponsored by the Emilia-Romagna Region, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and ARCI Modena.

2.1 Decisions of the jury are irrevocable.
2.2 No selection can have more than one winner.
2.3 The amount of money for each prize will be announced later this year and before the official selection is made public.
2.4 Prizes will be awarded and announced during the final night.
Ennesimo Critics’ Choice Prize awarded to the best short film of Ennesimo Official Selection by a jury made up of professionals from the world of cinema, communication and teaching. The jury will work independently from the festival organization and it will abide to the following rules. The Artistic Director, if necessary, and on request by members of any jury, will be asked for advice on merely technical and procedural matters. Individuals who had any part in selected works cannot be jury members. 600 euro
Ennesimo People’s Choice Prize awarded to the best short film of Ennesimo Official Selection by a people’s jury made up of the audience during the nights of the competition. 400 euro
The Ennesimo Youth Mention is also going to be awarded to the best short film of the Ennesimo Official Selection by a jury made up of students taking part in the project Non sarà l’Ennesima Giornata di Scuola (It’s not gonna be Just-One-More Day of School).
3.1 Works up to 20 minutes in length (including credits) are eligible for selection to competitive sections with no limit for what concerns genre and themes.
3.2 Short films from any nation and in any language are eligible.
3.3 Only works made after 1 January 2016 will be admitted.
3.4 Applicants can submit as many works as they want but they will have to complete the entry form for each one of them.
3.5 No fee is required.
3.6 No music videos, advertisement or industrial films are admitted.
3.7 Works will be selected by the Artistic Director and others members of the festival organization who form the Selection Committee.

4.1 20 works will be selected for the Ennesimo Official Selection.
4.2 After works have been selected, applicants will be notified by email no later than 21 February 2018.
4.3 Producers of selected short films must duly fill out the entry form and submit required materials by 7 March 2018. Failure to submit even only one piece of required material will result in being excluded from the selection.
4.4 If a work is selected, this must remain confidential until the programme is announced by the festival.
4.5 The festival will send no notice to those who will not have been selected. A list of selected works will be published on the website, on the national press and on our social network pages. The festival will issue a newsletter with the selection results.
4.6 Press (including online media) has the authorization to use materials submitted during the selection phase for articles related to the festival’s 2018 edition. Festival organization can do the same on its website and official social channels. Audiovisual abstracts no longer than 15 seconds for each work, selected by the festival press office—possibly according to instructions given by the authors themselves—can be used by radio and television (only for reports on the 2018 edition of the festival) and by the festival organization on its website and official social channels.

5.1 Submitted works to the contest will become part of the festival archive and the video archive of TILT Associazione Giovanile.
5.2 Every year, an Ennesimo Tour is to be organized by TILT Associazione Giovanile with the purpose of further spreading the films. In any case, the Ennesimo Film Festival will use the films for exclusively cultural purposes in festival-related events.
5.3 In order to protect the interests of authors and producers, no work will be used for commercial purposes. Consent by the authors will be sought in advance for any different use.
5.4 All necessary measures will be taken to protect the copyright of works entrusted to the festival, according to norms against audiovisual piracy.
Participation in the festival involves respecting the above-stated rules. Subjects submitting works bear the responsibility to guarantee their legitimate authorization to submit them to the festival. The Artistic Director has the right to settle all issues not included in these rules, as well as to waived the rules themselves in particular, well-motivated cases. The festival organization maintains the right to modify parts of the structure of the rules (dates and prizes). Any dispute concerning the interpretation of the rules will be settled on the basis of the original Italian version.

Ennesimo Film Festival

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2016

The festival’s mission is to spread the knowledge of film art, especially in the form of short films, in order to show the public all the different aspects of contemporary international cinema.


Tilt Associazione Giovanile
Piazza Ciro Menotti 1
41042 Fiorano Modenese