Longue vue sur le court

From May 31, 2018 until June 3, 2018


Article 1
LVSC Montreal International Short Film Festival, is organized by Longue vue sur le court a Non-Profit organization every year in Montreal, Canada.
The festival aims to provide a showcase for high cinematic quality short films by creative film-makers who promote the art of cinema.

Article 2
Entry Conditions:
• Each director may participate in the festival with a limit of one films.
• LVSC focuses on fiction, animation and dcumentary film of exceptional quality.
• All films must have embedded english or french subtitles, even if dialogs are in English.
• If available French subtitles are prefered.
• The total duration of the film should not exceed thirty (30’) minutes.
• Only film produced in the last two years are accepted (2016-2018).

Article 3
The program and the order of the projections are defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival.

Article 4
Once your film selected, you will be contacted by the festival and ask to sent with your film :
Two (2) photos from the film & one of the director, in high-resolution
Trailer of the film and promotional material (optional).

Article 5
A jury made of film critics and film professionals will award a prize for the Best international short, A special jury prize, Best national short and Best direction for a national short. Three prizes will also be given by the public. One by the young's, the adult's and the elder's.

Article 6
LVSC is not responsible for any loss of material before or after the end of the actual event.

Article 7
The copy of the film submitted to the Festival along with the entry form and the promotional material will remain in the archives of the Festival.

Article 8
LVSC Montreal International Short Film Festival reserves the right to project part of the films that have been sent, in and out of the area of the Festival, whenever it is needed for reasons of promotion of the Festival and not for commercial purposes.

Article 9
LVSC International Short Film Festival in the frame of its other activities, such as partnership with other festivals or additional “best of” screenings, reserves the right to
project a selection of the participating films beyond the specified date of the festival. This in fact if for the benefit of outstanding directors as well.

Article 10
The use of any recording device in the area of the Festival without the permission of the Organizing Committee is strictly forbidden.

Article 11
Parts of the event will be filmed. Members of the audience and participating artists that may appear in these parts have no claim from the Organizing Company.

Article 12
LVSC Cultural Civil Non Profit Company reserves the right to cancel the festival due to circumstances beyond its control.

Article 13
In case of dispute, the French version of the regulations of participation is considered as valid. Responsible for legal disputes are the Legal Courts of Montreal.

Article 14
The film submission to the festival implies the complete and unconditional acceptance of the above regulations of participation.

International Short Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Short Films made in Quebec

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2014

Longue vue sur le court is an international short film festival based in Montreal, focusing on cutting-edge fiction, animation and documentary films. As our name mean's it, we want to be the first to identified your talent and share it to the world!

We also appreciate good comedy and we have a children and youth program.

This year for the first time, we will screen short documentary!

From the four corners of the planet, LVSC team selects with demanding criteria the best short films and trends in tomorrow's filmmaking.

LVSC is an annual event dedicated to cinema, and to the short film promotion.


Longue vue sur le court
4th edition!
Monk 6908
H4E 3J3 Montréal