Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago

From March 8, 2018 until March 11, 2018


- All short and feature films of national and international production, filmed in any format, will be admitted to competition.
- The duration of the short film should not exceed 45 minutes; For the feature film is over 46 minutes.
- The date of production must be after January 1, 2014.
- All those producers or producers who own the rights to the works they present may participate.
- Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 works.
- The works will be presented in their original language, subtitled in Spanish or English if this was not the original language. - Movies that were selected in previous editions will not be accepted.
-The registration will be made only via on-line through the REELPORT platform, enabled for this purpose.
- The organization assumes that the persons or groups that register the works have the exhibition rights of the same, as well as the authorization to collect the award in the case of collective authorship. In any case, the organization disclaims any responsibility that may arise from the infringement of this database.
Fiction short - Corto de ficcion
Documentary short - Corto documental
Animation short - Corto de animación
Experimental short - Corto experimental
Fiction feature – Largo ficción
Documentary feature – Largo documental
Short film script – Guión de cortometraje

Advance: before November 12
Feature Films: € 13
Short Films: € 11

Standard: before December 13
Feature Films: € 14
Short Films: € 11,5

Expanded: before January 14
Feature Films: € 14,5
Films: € 12

Final: before February 10
Feature Films: € 15
Films: € 12,5

Last: before February 28
Feature Films: € 16
Films: € 13

First stage: Curator: The Festival will appoint a Selection Committee that will be in charge of receiving the works presented in the contest, determine if they comply with the established in the bases and make the selection of those that will have to be viewed by the jury.
Second stage: The selected works will be informed by e-mail only to those responsible for the films and published in the social networks for the knowledge of all the participants, as well as in the indicated registration platform. These are called OFFICIAL SELECTION.
The participants authorize the organization to use frames, photographs and extracts of the films (maximum 2 minutes) for dissemination in any medium of communication and promotion, in order to promote and disseminate the festival.

March 04, 2018.

The selected films will be live screening at the venues set up by the festival (on screen or large screens).

The jury will be appointed by the organizing committee and will be composed of professionals from the world of cinema, television, communication, teaching, etc. They will be in charge of choosing the winning films of the Official Selection in each section.
The decisions of the Selection Committee shall be final.
The jury's ruling may declare any prize void.
The jury may propose prizes or mentions of honor. In this regard, the organizing committee will decide on the jury's proposal.

Santiago´s big award to the best fiction feature
Santiago´s big award for the best documentary feature
Best fiction short
Best Animated Short Film
Best documentary short
Special mentions in the field of performance, direction, script, photography, production direction, costumes, makeup, music, special effects, sound, etc.

All participants, due to the fact of presenting themselves, fully accept these bases of participation, as well as the resolutions adopted by the organizing committee on any aspect of them.

Documentary feature – Largo documental

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Fiction feature – Largo ficción

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Experimental short - Corto experimental

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Animation short - Corto de animación

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Documentary short - Corto documental

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Fiction short - Corto de ficcion

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2015

The Santiago Long and Short Film Festival, Santiago de Chile, March 7 to 10 2019, is a cinematographic contest whose aim is to serve as a platform for new creators and experienced filmmakers to visualize the quality, diversity and richness of the most recent international audiovisual production, In different genres: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, etc ... and serve as a connecting space for filmmakers with producers of the seventh art industry, to help them develop. In our first three editions have appeared by our headquarters important members of the national and international cinematography


Festival de largos y cortos de Santiago
Avenida Irrazával 4055
7750000 Santiago