From Dec. 4, 2017 until Dec. 7, 2017


The 15th Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Festival is a competitive, independent art house cinema event celebrating peace, love and movies.

Meeting point - Monte Carlo, the sunny exclusive Mediterranean location a safe-haven for the rich and famous and the arts!

The Festival is also known as international springboard for many up-and coming screenplay writers, film makers and artists from across the globe.
It is the only international film festival in the world that celebrates non-violent film and screenplay.

The Festival founders Rosana Golden (festival executive director & artistic director) and Dean Bentley (festival executive producer & programming director), their goal and purpose to showcase non-violent films in a world that is too often dominated by violence.

The Angel Film Awards may eschew violence but this is no hippy dippy affair. It is a chic and elegant event with post screening VIP champagne receptions and networking film parties at some of the best hotels and clubs in Monaco.

The final selection of approx. 18 to 20 official shortlisted films and 10 to 15 shortlisted script (screenplay) entries - annually selected out of approx. 800 film and script submission entries.

The Filmmaker is required to attend the festival if film is nominated for the awards – same requirement are for the writer of a selected screenplay to attend the festival and to participate in press & photo sessions, as-well as Q and A on stage after official movie being screened.

The final shortlist for this year’s film and screenplay nominees will be announced weeks prior to the festival.

Officially accepted film entries will be screened, viewed & judged by an international jury board of movie industry professionals at the AFA - Monaco International Film Festival.

Officially accepted screenplay entries and final winners are called upon stage during the evening of the red carpet awards celebration in Monte Carlo.

All screenplay (script entries) are viewed & read and judged by an international journalists, and film industry professionals.

The AFA has eight categories and many award genre. All shortlisted film & screenplay will be contacted in due time by the organizers of the AFA- MIFF.
The eight categories:

The coveted golden Angel Trophy for best film - goes to a film that best expresses the spirit of the festival – some of the genre are for best short film - best director - best actor- best DP/cinematographer - best supporting actor - best film editing - best original music - best producer - best newcomer - AFA independent spirit award – best documentary short and feature film award …and many more.
"The Angel Peace Award" "The AFA Humanitarian Award"


FILMMAKERS officially selected for the 2017 AFA-MIFF will be notified by the end of October 2017

Festival does not refund submission fees.

Should your film be selected, we would require you to provide: Press kit or/and promo-materials one or two official film posters to bring along to the festival and for online promotion.

The organizers and associated organizers reserve the right to alter, change, amend and/or cancel any part of the festival program.

No runtime limit.
Logline and synopsis should be included with all films and documentaries.
DVD's & Promotional Material will not be returned.
We will notify officially selected films only.
Film entries may be submitted by the screenwriter, director, producer, editor, production company, distributer, animator, or cinematographer.

The AFA-MIFF is a competitive independent festival. For any successful entry we ask that [one or more] the director, producer, writer, member of the cast or any other suitable representative to attend the festival & red carpet screenings and to be willing to participate in Q & A sessions on stage after the screening of their movie. Furthermore to participate in press & photo calls. We do not screen or officially announce winners without the attendance of one or more of the official film representatives at the festival.

Once your film or script is officially selected by the festival committee for your official festival screening and networking participation we ask you to purchase your VIP PASS (this VIP badge also serves as your festival accreditation access to all press and photo protocols and other official screenings, all networking evening film party events and opening closing galas (this includes free beverages and the usual champagne hors d’oeuvre - finger foods - film industry parties to meet and be seen).

The festival will register your name and you will receive your VIP Festival Badge on arrival at the welcome desk (at the festival hotel). Check out this link for more details:

Accreditation VIP Festival Pass: payable via PayPal or by wire transfer

2017 Angel Film Awards

Feature Film Categories
1. Angel Peace Award
2. Best Feature Film
3. Best Cinematographer
4. Best Male Actor
5. Best Female Actor
6. Best Director
7. Best Ensemble Cast
8. Best Newcomer
9. Best Producer
10. Best Original Music
11. Best Male Supporting Actor
12. Best Female Supporting Actor
13. Best Film Editing
14. Independent Spirit Award
15. The Humanitarian Angel Film Award
16. Best Production Design
17. Best Costume Design
18. Best Feature Film

Feature Documentary Film
1. Best Feature Documentary
2. Best Feature Documentary Cinematographer
3. Best Feature Documentary Director
4. Best Film Editing Feature Documentary
5. The Humanitarian Documentary Angel Film Award
6. Best Feature Documentary Narration

Short Film
1. Angel Peace Award
2. Best Female Actor
3. Best Male Actor
4. Best Cinematographer
5. Best Director
6. Best Ensemble Cast
7. Best Short Film
8. Best Newcomer
9. Best Producer
10. Best Original Music
11. Best Female Supporting Actor
12. Best Male Supporting Actor
13. Best Film Editing
14. Special Mention Angel Award
15. Independent Spirit Award
16. The Humanitarian Angel Film Award
17. Best Arthouse Film award
18. Best Original Story
19. Best Production Design
20. Best Short Film Script

Short Documentary Film
1. Best Short Documentary Cinematographer
2. Best Short Documentary Director
3. Best Short Documentary Film
4. Best Film Editing Short Documentary
5. Best Short Documentary Narration

Feature Animation Film
1. Best Feature Animation Film
2. Best Feature Original Music
3. Best Narration
4. Independent Spirit Award
5. Humanitarian Angel Film Award

Short Animation Film
1. Best Short Animation Film
2. Best Narration
3. Independent Spirit Award
4. Humanitarian Angel Film Award


AFA - Short Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

AFA - Feature Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2003

Welcome to the Angel Film Awards – Monaco International Film Festival and to be part of an amazing worldwide community celebration peace love and the art of making movies and a unique collaboration of multi-talented writers, film score composers and filmmakers, producers and musicians. The Angel Film Awards mission is to entertain, inform, inspire, encourage and educate. We honour those artists who, through their creative work, actively increase awareness, provide multiple viewpoints, address complex social issues, and strengthen ties between international audiences and the Angel Film Awards. A inspiring & intimate platform together with other writers, directors and producers in Monte Carlo to create new opportunities, develop tools for success and forge new alliances within the international film and entertainment industry.

Press Coverage & Media Partners since 2003 view link.

The AFA has eight categories and many award genre. All shortlisted film & screenplay will be contacted in due time by the organizers of the AFA- MIFF.


The AFA selection committee is made up of acclaimed international industry professionals, directors, producers, cinematographers, screenplay writers, film journalists, actors, and the AFA founders. Votes cast decide the finalists and winners in all 8 categories.

Since its creation in 2003 the Angel Film Awards - MIFF is held in the Principality of Monaco. It is a non-profit making independent film festival, known as an elegant and glitzy affair. It has won recognition as 'a jewel in the crown' on the film festival circuit.

We welcome you to join this unique festival experience! All the best, Rosana and Dean


Rosana Golden - Festival Director, Creative Director


Angel Film Awards - Monaco International Film Fest
Via Gerolamo Rossi, 47
18012 Bordighera