From May 17, 2018 until May 20, 2018


1. In order for the film to be selected, PREMIERE is not required in Peru. Short films that have been exhibited at any other festival held in Peru or abroad may participate.

2. Short films made in any video or film format, but with the necessary quality, subtitled in Spanish or English, if this is not the original language, may be included.

3. The duration of the films is for short films: maximum of 35 minutes; For feature films, more than 36 minutes.

4. Entries to be part of the official selection of the festival will be held from November 02, 2017 to May 08, 2018.

5. All registrations have the same process regardless of the registration stage chosen, the late entries are viewed in the same way as the early ones, the only difference is the registration fee, namely
-Advanced registration: (until December 03) Short films: €11; Feature films: €12
-Intermediate registration: (until January 05) Short films: €12; Feature films: €14
-Late Registration: (until February 07) Short films: €13; Feature films: €16
-Extensive Registration: (until March 9) Short films: €14; Feature films: € 20
-Extensive second Registration: (until April 11) Short films: €15; Feature films: € 20
-Extensive third Registration: (until May 08) Short films: €16; Feature films: €20

6. REGISTRATION to the Festival will be made online through the associated platforms.

7. Competitive Sections

• International Competition of Feature Films (Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fantastic)
• International Short Film Competition (Fiction, Animation, Documentary, Experimental, Fantastic)

8. Official Selection

The festival committee will select the films that will make up festival programming and special programs. The decision of the selection committee is final.

9. Date of Notification of the Official Selection: The festival will be notified via email and the website all selected, on May 15 - 2018.

10. Upon completion of the registration of the films, the owners of the rights undertake to accept these regulations and, consequently, to exhibit such work during the dates and venues determined by the festival.
11. The competitive sections of the festival will be awarded by a jury chosen by the Festival's organization which will be composed of renowned personalities from the cinematographic and other artistic disciplines.

12. The prizes to be awarded will be the following:
a. International Competition of Feature Films
Best Feature Film
Best Feature Animation
Best Documentary Feature
Best Experimental Feature
Best Fantastic Feature Film
B. International Competition of Short Films
Best Fiction Short Film
Best Short Film Animation
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Experimental Short Film
Best Fantastic Short Film

Extra Categories:
• Best Director
• Best Screenplay
•Best Actor
•Best actress
• Best Photography
• Best Edition
• Best Original Music
• Best Art Direction

13. The jury will have the freedom to grant the mentions that it considers pertinent.

14. All those who make up the OFFICIAL SELECTION, will receive a record of participation in the festival.
15. Projection of the films will be made in The House of Peruvian Literature, in Jirón Ancash 207, District of Lima, 15001; As well as in the Barrio Villa El Salvador, Lima.

Short Film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Feature Films

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2016

The INTERNATIONAL INCA IMPERIAL FILM FESTIVAL is an annual film festival, which extends beyond simple programming at festival dates, to bring films to the inhabitants of the Peruvian capital throughout the year.
This festival includes films of all languages, of different genres, of different duration: long, short, as well as cortominutos and a competition of photography.
Important figures on the Latin American screen will gather at the Festival, with hundreds of films that will compete for a dozen awards.

Place and Date of the Festival
The 3rd edition of the International Film Festival of the Inca Empire will be held from May 17 to 20, 2018, in the city of Lima, Peru.


Festival Ficii Peru
Jiron Ancash 207
15001 Lima