Dieciminuti Film Festival

From March 13, 2018 until March 17, 2018


The IndieGesta Cultural Association organizes the 13th Dieciminuti Film Festival in Ceccano, Italy.

The main aim of the Festival is to present short movies and animated movies.

2. Participation is Free and Open to All.

3. Any Director can inscribe only 1 movie for any competitive section.

The Competitive Sections of the Festival are the following:

Official Selection (International Short Movies of 10 minutes or less, produced after the 1st January 2016);
ExtraLarge (International Short Movies of 15 minutes or less, produced after the 1st January 2017);
Animations (International Animated Movies of 10 minutes or less, produced after the 1st January 2016);
Doc10 (International Documentaries of 10 minutes or less, produced after the 1st January 2016);

4. Films that have just participated to the last editions of the Festival will be not accepted.

5. Any participant has to send:

a) The Entry Form (downloadable on the website;
b) One picture of the movie and Two lines of synopsys;
c) A copy of the movie in a video file in one of the following formats: MPG, MOV, MP4, VOB;
d) The short movies must be subtitled in Italian or in English. For the English subtitles is mandatory to attache also a copy of the dialogue list;
e) It’s possible to subscribe the festival also sending the short film by REELPORT. The condition is that all the requested material is enclosed with the short film.

6. The material shall be sent to the following email address: (wetransfer or google drive link)

The Deadline is on 30th of September 2017. If the copies will not been sent by the deadline or its entry form are not duly completed the Organizers have no obligation whatsoever to admit the movie to the selection.

8. The Directors consent to the Organizers publishing information about the movie on the Festival website as well as in all printed promotional materials (catalogues, program, press materials, etc.)

9. The Director is the only responsible for the Movie.

10. A Selection Committee shall choose the movies that will enter in the various competitive sections.

11. The Jury awards the following prizes:

a) Winner of Official Selection: 600,00 € + Hercules;
b) Winner of ExtraLarge: 500,00 € + Hercules
c) Winner of Animations: 200,00 € + Hercules;
d) Winner of Doc 10: 200,00 € + Hercules;
d) The Jury will awards also the following prizes: Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Photography, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Actor, Best Actress, with the Hercules, the new award of the Festival;

12. The Organizers will not award Directors that not participate to the Awards Ceremony.

13. The Festival will be on March 2018 in the Antares Theatre of Ceccano (Fr), Italy.

14. Submitting a movie to the Dieciminuti Film Festival is equivalent to the acceptance of the conditions set out in these Regulations. All decisions in the matters not covered by these Regulations shall be taken by the Organizers represented by the Festival Director.

Extra Large

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Official Selection

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2005

Dieciminuti Film Festival, now in its 13th edition, was created in 2005 by IndieGesta , was able to quickly become one of the events dedicated to short films most important in Italy.

The Festival, whose first 12 editions attended by more than 10,000 short films involving a total of nearly 12,000 spectators, is structured in various competitive sections: Official Selection (for short films up to 10 minutes), Extralarge ( for shorts between 11 and 15 minutes released in the current year) Animations (animations for up to 10 minutes), Doc10 (documentaries for up to 10 minutes).

At the Competitive sections, joins the Dieciminuti Academy, a school of cinema that brings young people of our province to create from scratch a short fiction or animation. The thing that is unique about the festival on the national scene is to be a real school for young people who want to explore the world of cinema. It ‘s also very much appreciated the Section Esplorazioni, which allows viewers to get in touch with the short film coming from a different country each year. During last years, the festival has hosted the short unpublished masters of Japanese animation by Studio Ghibli, directed by Hayao Miyazaki, the animated short films of the Tehran Film Festival, the short films of Georges Méliès, the avantguardes, the web-series...


IndieGesta Associazione culturale
Borgo Garibaldi 82
03023 Ceccano