Portoviejo Film Festival 2019

From June 13, 2019 until June 16, 2019


1.- Of the Participants
- Any national or foreign filmmaker who wishes may participate.
- Short films, feature films and video clips may be produced in any country and in any language, provided they are accompanied by the subtitles of the film in English or Spanish.
- The theme of the films is completely free and can be of any genre.
2.- Of the duration of the movies
- The duration of the short films may not exceed 30 minutes.
- The length of feature films will be more than 31 minutes.
- The length of the video clips can not exceed 40 minutes.
3.- Of the competing categories.
- International Fiction Feature Film
- International Experimental Feature Film
- International Animation Feature Film
- International Documentary Feature Film
- International Fiction Short Film
- International Experimental Short Film
- International Animation Short Film
- International Documentary Short Film
- International video clip
4.- Of the Registration Fees:
These will be paid for inscribing a film at the festival, according to the date it is made; Understanding what to do as soon as you enter the festival. The cost will be lower:
First cut: before January 20
- Feature film: € 13
- Short film: € 12
- Video clip: € 10
Second Cut: before February 20
- Feature film: € 14
- Short film: € 13
- Video clip: € 11
Third cut: before March 20
- Feature film: € 15
- Short film: € 14
- Video clip: € 12
Fourth cut: before April 20
- Feature film: € 16
- Short film: € 14
- Video clip: € 12
Fifth cut: before May 30
- Feature film: € 17
- Short film: € 15
- Video clip: € 12

5.- Of the inscription of the films.
- Participants must register through the page, uploading their films.
- Once a film is inscribed, it can not be withdrawn from the festival.
6.- Of the Selection:
- The selection of short films, feature films and video clips will be communicated to
through the festival website (
- All the selected works will receive a digital certificate of participation in the festival.
- The programming team will choose the dates, times and places of screening of each film during the festival.
- The selected films may be considered for national and international traveling exhibitions of the festival.
7. Of the Notification:
- A All the representatives of the selected films will be notified by email. The official section will appear on the festival website, on June 07, 2019.

8.- Of the Award:
- International Fiction Feature Film Award
- International Experimental Feature Film Award
- International Animation Feature Film Award
- International Documentary Feature Film Award
- International Fiction Short Film Award
- International Experimental Short Film Award
- International Animation Short Film Award
- International Documentary Short Film Award
- International video clip Award

- In the event that they have not registered enough films in a category to determine a competition, it may be declared void.
- The Jury will be composed of representatives from the field of culture and
audiovisual creation, being its verdict unappealable and being able to declare desert any of the prizes cited. There will also be a selection committee, which,
will select the works that will be screened during the days of the Festival and that will enter the competition in the Official Section.
- In no case will the Festival pay for the rights to exhibit a film.
9.- Final considerations:
- The Organization reserves the right to modify any point of these bases if the circumstances so require. Participation in the Festival implies the total acceptance of these rules. In case of non-compliance with any of these points, the Organization reserves the right to withdraw the film from the official competition.

Video clip

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Feature Film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.

Short film

Currently, there is no open submission period for this competition.


This Festival was founded in 2017

The film's cultural need for this seaside resort led to the birth of the FECIP - Portoviejo Film Festival, which will be a film event in the beautiful and tourist town of Portoviejo, on the coasts of Ecuador, which hopes to gather thousands of spectators to enjoy the world cinema. We have the sponsorship of the Municipality of Portoviejo to make this nascent festival a great party where public and art makers share for four days of magic on the big screen. Come and enjoy the cinema on the shore of the paradisiacal beaches of Portoviejo!


FECIP Festival
Av. Metropolitano y Av. Jorge Washington S/N
130105 ¨Portoviejo