19th International Izmir Short Film festival 2018

From Oct. 30, 2018 until Nov. 4, 2018


1. IISFF application requires no charge. (reelport service fee may apply)
2. No screening fee is paid in any circumstances.
3. Deadline for application is 01.09.2018.
4. No withdrawal is accepted after the official selection and/or competitive films are published.
5. Applicants are allowed to submit more than one film.
6. The films that are selected for the competition by being utilized by the jury are announced on the official website of the festival and the media. The owners of the films that are not selected will not be informed.
7. Films that are in national and international fiction, experimental, documentary and animation category are welcome to apply. The applicant should select the type of the film, yet the festival jury has all the rights to review and change.
8. The applicant of the preselected film will be noticed to send the following documents to IISFF centre via shipping.
a. The original copy of the film:
Type: .mp[e]g / .avi / .vob / .mov / .mp4 / .m4v / bluray
Codec: MJPEG, Apple ProRes, H264 (Bitrate: 2MBit/s or higher)
Resolution: PAL or NTSC / SD or HD
Size: Maximum 8 Gb

- PCM (48kHz , uncompressed),
- MP3,
- AAC (160 Kbit or higher)

- English subtitles should be embedded to the video.

b. English dialogue list of the film
c. Film poster (A3 higher,.jpg format)
d. Trailer (Please check the format details above.)
9. Only one member of the creative teams of the films that are selected will be invited to the festival as a representator. Attendance date of the festival will be announced by the festival management.
10. Films are screened to the jury and the audience in the halls which are chosen by the festival management conveniently according to the programme. During the screenings, it is not allowed to ask
the festival management or the attendants to change the screening halls, sessions or the programme.
11. IISFF committee may compound the categories with another one or may not open the ones, which do not have enough applications, for the competition.
12. There are two different screening types in IISFF as competition and official selection. The festival jury and the committee decide which one should be in which type.
13. The length of the film that is applied for IISFF should be minimum 1 minute and maximum 30 minutes. The ones out of this requirement will be eliminated with no question.
14. The festival committee has the right to use a 30-second-part of a film for advertisement.
15. The date of the film that is applied for IISFF should be either 2017 or 2018. The ones that belong to 2016 and earlier will be eliminated with no question.
16. Additional non-commercial screenings of the film that is applied for IISFF during the festival and later for the cultural events, and also to send them to the other national and international festivals as selections are automatically approved by the applicants. The applicants will be informed in these circumstances.
17. English subtitles should be embedded to the film and the additional link of the video should be attached to the application form.
18. It is allowed to add the information of 1 or 2 directors of each film to the application form. It is also valid for the ones with more than 2 directors.
19. Pre-selection jury, main jury or people of the festival team or their first degree relatives cannot apply for the festival.
20. Jury has the final decision. The applicant has no right ofobjection.
21. The applicant is responsible for their copyrights.
This agreement has been drawn up with 21 clauses and cannot be changed.

Main Competition

Submission period deadline: Sept. 1, 2018 for 0.00 €


This Festival was founded in 2000

Izmir International Short Film Festival has been holding its place as being one of the greatest events in the field of movie in Turkey and it will meet with its audience 17th times in this year. The festival is the first film festival that gives international rewards to short films. It began to show its movies in 2000 and since then it has been one of the most esteemed festivals between movie lovers and in the field of movie.


Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, Ali Çetinkaya 70
35220 Konak/İzmir